Matte Car Wraps for NYC

Your car is an extension of your personality. To display yours fully, consider covering the exterior of your car with a matte vehicle wrap. At Car Wraps NYC, we offer new vehicle customization options to give you access to the industry's latest trends.

Features and Styling Advantages

We make our matte car wraps from choice vinyl. This type of material conforms to the shape variations of your car to create a smooth exterior that will stand out. A matte vehicle wrap will not reflect light, and it will not shimmer. Instead, the styling option produces a rich, distinctive look. It will also give your vehicle a low profile appearance. Matte vehicle wraps are available in black, gray and silver. You can also order one in green or white.

Last Thoughts

Matte car wraps are becoming a popular alternate color option. At Car Wraps NYC, we’ll make sure your matte wrapped vehicle turns heads and becomes the envy of other drivers.